David Belitz

davidbelitz1David Belitz is founding partner of the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund. He has served as the CFO for the Lupton Family office for 12 years. As part of his duties, he has participated in the management of the family trusts private equity program that has now invested in over 70 private equity and venture capital funds.

Belitz has also served as the interim CFO or COO for two early stage technology companies that Mr. Lupton invested in Atlanta. For one of these investments, Belitz oversaw the development of a wireless platform for utilities and sold the company to a large utility services company. He currently serves on the board of the remaining industrial wireless company. Belitz is a member of the Xmi High Growth Fund and serves on the InnovateHere vetting team and advisory board. He has both an undergraduate and masters degree in accounting from the University of Tennessee and an M.B.A. from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.