Local startup wins pitch competition

For the past seven years, a Knoxville company has been quietly developing an environmentally-friendly solution for processing liquid waste produced by hospitals, surgical centers and military field hospitals.

That changed in October when Innovasan won the Life Science Tennessee Venture Forum for its Med-San technology. Prizes included an opportunity to pitch at the regional SEBio investor conference; a five-minute promotional video, $5,000 and other professional services.

Med-San takes fluid medical waste now being solidified and incinerated, autoclaved or simply poured down a drain and transforms it into a “disinfected waste that is safe for disposal down the drain,” says Jeffrey Hubrig Jr., the company’s manager of business development.

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Source: Larisa Brass, Greater Knoxville Business Journal/Knoxville News Sentinel

Angel capital increasing locally

The Greater Knoxville Business Journal published this story written by its editor, Amy Nolan, which is an in-depth piece about Knoxville’s “growing spirit to find and foster entrepreneurs, recognizing their value in developing an economically healthy city.” The article states that several developments are on the horizon that could match more local investors to homegrown entrepreneurial ventures.

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Source: Amy Nolan, Greater Knoxville Business Journal