Street Jelly competing in Chase Bank’s “Mission Main Street” program

Street Jelly’s Frank Podlaha has entered Chase Bank’s “Mission Main Street” grant program.

The Knoxville-based start-up is competing to be one of 20 small businesses to receive $150,000 each from the $3 million pool. The 20 grants will be awarded in January.

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Source: Tom Ballard,

Knoxville: Home to emerging music-tech startups

According to an article in the Nashville Business Journal, Tennessee’s music-tech startups are coming from….Knoxville.

That’s right.  While Nashville is home to a $9.7 billion music industry, the latest round of Tennessee-based music startups aren’t coming from Music City. Why? Well, the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center (KEC) graduated its inaugural accelerator class in early August. The program, called MediaWorks, focused exclusively on digital media companies, and a third of those graduating were in the music-tech space.

The article quotes Jonathan Sexton, Knoxvillian and entrepreneur-in-residence at the KEC. “There’s got to be some benefit from actually being away from the industry, where entrepreneurs aren’t confronted with publishing rights the second they have an idea,” he said. “The KEC shows what’s possible when there’s not a lot of politics involved.”

Knoxville-based startups Audiohand,, and Street Jelly were all mentioned in the article.

Source: Nashville Business Journal